As Trannika’s Most Wanted approaches it’s one year anniversary and I approach my one and a half year mark with drag, I can finally say with confidence that this has been one of the best life choices I have made. I love all the beautiful, creative, hilarious girls I am lucky enough to work with and am so blessed to frequently work at two of my favorite bars in the city,Scarlet Bar and Berlin Nightclub - Chicago. Drag has made me so much more outgoing than I could have ever imagined to be and I’ve met so many fantastic people through my journey. My life is what it is today because of drag.
To the point: unlike many of the girls I work with, I’ve never had a drag mother. I have a very supportive drag family that has been there for me and helped me become the Queen I am today. Without them, I’d be nothing. I will say that I am proud of myself that I can own everything I’ve done, having created my brand completely alone. I’ve been a part of every show I’ve done because my talents were recognized and for that, I am forever grateful. 
With that said, I believe it’s time to move on from where I started and begin a new chapter in my drag career. Like many drag mothers name their daughters, I’m creating a new spawn for myself. I’ve been wanting something fresher and younger, something that really showcases what I am and want to project. As much as I love Martha and the meaning behind it, it’s time to move on. As I put Martha Mastodon to rest, I welcome the birth of Ivory. Ivory, like Martha, also has a lot of meaning to me which I feel is very important in choosing a drag name. 
Thank you to all those who continue to support not only me but every other drag queen in this small community. We need each and every one of you. Name change or not, I will continue to do my best to entertain and forever evolve. 

With Love, Ivory.

Posted 12 months ago
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